C8 Investments identity

C8 Investments launched in 2011 as part of a new generation of investments funds. We worked closely with the founders to create the name and positioning through a series of  workshops. From this, we created the branding and marketing materials.

The predominantly black and grey colour palette was injected with hot reds, pinks and purples to reflect a sense of energy. The sound waves are also reminiscent of trading patterns but applied in a purposefully artistic way.

"IC Design has been instrumental in defining and launching our brand. Their support and guidance on brand strategy, core messaging and superb creative skills have enabled us to launch into the market with positive comments about the brand, wherever we go in the City."
Founder, C8 Investments

The logo is always in simple black, grey or white

The logo is flexible for different formats

The icon is a subtle branding device; a number eight, made up of two Cs

The brand concept transferred well onto canvasses

Stylish merchandising reinforces the brand