Brand imagery is the photos, illustrations and icons used as part of your overall brand platform. This post looks at three tips on using stock images to support your visuals and ideas to make them more your own.

1. Curate a collection

Create a cohesive library of imagery through careful selection. Opt for images with the same tones of colours or similar lighting.

Accountum's images have the same theme, style and colour palette.

Supporting images for AMC Search are themed around architecture and perspective – looking up. The colours in the photos reflect their brand palette.

2. Create layers

Layering your imagery through pattern and shape (for example, ones found in your logo) helps make it more distinctive.

To keep AVCA's reports feeling fresh whilst on brand, patterns and shapes in brand colours are combined with illustrations and / or photography. This creates layouts full of energy and impact.

The brand marque for Thompson Taraz creates a dynamic feel to layouts, especially when paired with shapes that track the same angles. The photography follows set themes with similar lighting.

3. Use colour

Give your images the same feel by using colours from your brand palette. Whether you use an overlay of colour over the image or create duotones (using just two colours), it can reinforce your brand identity.

One of the images we use to represent creativity is a painted texture that we apply in different colours from our brand palette.

Combining all techniques together

City skylines are one of several image themes for HPD Lendscape. Each skyline picks up on colours from the brand palette. This makes it easy to use them as a set, add depth and interest to standalone graphics or combine with shapes based on the brand icon.

Stock images are a quick and easy way to communicate aspects of your brand – be it values, how you want your audience to feel, or simply breaking down a concept, product or service. They are cost and time efficient, available immediately but can be used by anyone, anywhere. Key to incorporating these images as part of your brand platform is to make them distinctive or different in some way.