The learning curve with social media has been steep for everyone. Some people lost their heads along the way with spam-like behavior and ended up being turned off. At the other end of the spectrum, some made the most of this easily accessible medium and built up a loyal following, all happily interacting and helping to spread the word.

As a high margin brand, you need to be seen as an expert. Writing about what you know and sharing it, really is a fantastic way to create a point of differentiation, thus strengthening your brand. 

Here are five tips on how high margin brands can capitalise on social media:

1. Whether you do a lot or a little social media, there should be no excuse for not having a social strategy – even something that fits on an A4 sheet of (digital!) paper will really help build a bit of momentum. It should contain which platforms you are going to focus on and what your content themes intend to be.

2. Ensure your content is useful and interesting. DO NOT constantly plug your products and services. Instead, focus on more valuable content and be prepared to give away some of your expertise.

3. Whether you outsource or have in-house social media provision, you need to track your leads into a funnel of some sort to identify the wheat from the chaff – identifying who is interesting and worth further direct contact.

4. You might have as many as 8 different social media platforms that you keep updated. If you can, you should have a distinctly different theme for some of them to make it appeal to as many of your clients and prospects as possible. (I’ll be writing more about this in my next post.)

5. One emerging trend which can be very helpful is a page on your website showing an overview with direct feeds from each channel, all displayed on one page – like a social contents page if you like. This allows your visitor to get a good idea about your social media activity and they can select the platform/s that suits them the most. Your prospect will find this so much easier than visiting each platform individually and trying to compare (and who on earth would spend time to do that anyway?). What will be essential to the success of this feature is to resist the temptation to copy content as it would look very boring if all the different feeds said the same thing!

Social media does not just direct traffic to your website, it has great potential for relationship building and is a place which your clients may visit more often if you can make it relevant and useful – and sometimes just entertaining!

If you can embrace the five points above, you will have created a good platform to build on. You can then continue to grow your content plan and assess which platforms are creating the most potential for marketing your brand.