Building trust with your audience is essential when growing a brand and business. In the connected world that we now find ourselves in where anyone can gain a large audience, we need to make sure to align our brand messages to what is being said day-to-day. 

A couple of current casualties include Uber and United Airlines. At the moment, it just does not matter what the brand tells us, we know about the alleged poor working conditions at Uber and appalling treatment of unlucky passengers on overbooked flights!

So, what can we learn from these big global brands?

Everyone can now find out so much more about what is happening inside businesses and what people are saying from within. If these messages are too far away from your marketing messages, then people will inevitably begin to smell a rat.

It might therefore be worthwhile to review your brand strategy and think about how to have a dialogue with your core audience/s as opposed to just pushing out messages. We can no longer prosper on the generic (and now somehow meaningless) values that come up so often – experience, quality and service. Take the opportunity to state something that is more unique about how you work. It will simply be more interesting and grow your brand value.

Validation is key

To be able to validate your messages with facts will be essential. These facts may be disputed from time to time and you must be prepared to stand by them to avoid being overpowered by what you may call 'collective online nonsense'. Never forget it is your brand and you should be proud of it!

Be first to provide the information

Knowing that you can't hide interesting information about your business (good or bad) you can ensure every opportunity to communicate should be seen as something positive as you are open and generous with information.

Consistency in tone

You can navigate these changing times by keeping a consistent narrative and tone of voice that feels open, even when something goes askew. Be prepared to take notice of what else is being said and pivot your messages if necessary.

Reveal some inner workings

Providing a bit more information around your processes will be met with appreciation. If you are able to be upfront about how you operate as an organisation, you will nip any doubts in the bud. This will make you more trusted and you can concentrate on building brand loyalty on a solid foundation.