For your dream clients, your brand may not be known or it could be perceived as not relevant, thereby not delivering its full potential. Brand pivoting is when you shift the focus, perhaps only slightly, but you manage to direct your messages straight into the hearts and minds of a new audience. This is mostly done to engage with a harder to reach or more discerning client group.

To pivot your brand to a more desirable brand positioning, you will most likely need to apply all of the following (categorised using our unique methodology, the '5 Cs': Compass, Clarity, Creativity, Craft and Commercial).


Understanding where you are and where you want to get to. Your new target group may be an exclusive bunch but focussing on them will help you fine tune your brand assets. It is likely your wider audience aspires to be in this core target audience anyway and will naturally gravitate to your brand by the power of aspiration.


Your reason for being needs to be clear and compelling. It is a noisy world out there with many brands professing to be at least as good as you are. Your brand strategy needs to be clearly understood internally and delivered (with panache) to the outside world.


This is where you 'hunt the magic'. The power of intellectual playfullness is not to be underestimated when trying to stand out in the crowd. Creative solutions that produce a 'smile in the mind' will tempt and appeal. A mental skip or somersault is infinitely more memorable than just aesthetics.


Quality of execution delivers the final promise that you – and nothing else – will do. Great design deserves the very best skill and materials, regardless of channel used. Careful choice of paper for print and skilful code to enhance the online user experience all adds up to generate the right response.


Be prepared to measure the results of the changes you make so that you can be confident that your aims and objectives set out at the Compass stage are delivering results. It also helps you identify the next set of goals.

Brand pivoting can reap massive rewards and we've seen it done with many of our clients. You can read Orchid's case study about how we pivoted and elevated their brand positioning in the interiors sector. We had fun pivoting Skype towards a female audience with Codess which you can read about here.

Fundamentally Brand Pivoting is about keeping the optimal (dream) client at the centre of every piece of your brand communication and never ever cut corners – those quick and dirty campaigns can come back and haunt you.