When hosting an event, it is important to have an integrated brand strategy to reap the full benefits of a ‘sold out’ event, cement existing relationships, attract press coverage and build your long-term corporate brand – all at the same time! Here are my top tips when creating branding and designing promotional collateral for events.

Be on brand

Event branding needs to deliver both tactical results (book now) and brand build (learn more about us). It is therefore key that the look and feel of the materials has a distinct link to your corporate brand. You are spending precious resources putting on an event so make sure that every touchpoint is recognisably yours.

Be interesting

Time is precious and it can be a challenge to convince people to give up their’s to attend your event. It is no longer acceptable to just pop in a random stock image and stick a date and time underneath. You will simply get lost in the inboxes or disregarded as irrelevant. First you need to catch their eye, second you need to deliver your topic and then explain why your event is not to be missed. This requires an interesting design that delivers excitement and energy.

Be distinct

When marrying the above two points, you will often end up with a hybrid design. This is where standard brand assets have been added to with some other elements. This can be in the form of colour, graphic or imagery etc. but the end result should be recognition AND excitement – definitely not something that could be mistaken for your general marketing communications.

Be obvious

Make sure that the collateral doesn’t omit the obvious facts such as date and location. Never underestimate how quickly you need to deliver critical event information so don’t make it hard to find. If you have a great speaker or other very special strength, don’t be shy about it either.

Be flexible

Event branding encompasses small digital banners to stands and very large stage backdrops. It is essential that the design assets can cope. Clever solutions don’t just scale but change to accommodate the altering scale ensuring each piece creates maximum effect.

Be lasting

After the event, follow up with more communication using the branding so that you create a continuous link. Add in relevant information such as photos or resources. That way you can hook in people who missed out and deliver a pre-cursor for marketing your future events. Be prepared to extend the brand with new ways of using it depending on what you have to follow-up with.

All of this will make a big difference and also help to build awareness for any future events you may be planning. A bit of extra creative thinking at the start of the project can reap big rewards for brand building!