As an integral part of your business, your visual brand is the symbol for what you do and how you do it. Building your brand is an ongoing process of nurturing, maintenance and protection.

Here’s our top practical Do’s and Don’ts to make sure your brand stays on track, becoming an increasingly valuable asset for your business.

   DO – Keep an eye on the competition

Your brand will never exist in a vacuum. Your next customer will have taken a look at you and your competitors to figure out what will work best for them. If you can, create large visuals of your main competitors’ communication channels and try to spot weaknesses and opportunities. Ask yourself what you can do to stand out – for example, if everyone uses mainly blue, use a touch of that colour (for a sense of belonging) but make sure that a powerful alternative colour is used as an eye-catching differentiating signal.

We regularly conduct brand landscape audits to make sure our clients stay fresh and relevant.

   DON’T – Think small

It can be tempting to go for a quick tactical results but that is never going to build your brand into something really big. Stay away from the temptation to give yourself a brand name that is too specific like linking to a very specific service, audience or geographic area. Even though your business is only offering this one niche service today, that could easily change so you don’t want to have to re-brand or miss out on opportunities.

We always strive to ensure a brand has the agility to grow in as many ways as possible with flexible assets that lean more towards benefits, rather than features.

   DO – Look far into the future

Futureproof your brand and make sure it will be able to grow with your business. Brand equity is hard won and very valuable so you need to make sure it will be able to work as hard as possible for you in every situation.

We always try and discover as much of the blue sky thinking going on in a business so that we can create assets that will be flexible enough to grown, pivot or morph with the changes in business strategy, if required.

   DON’T – Change on a whim

The world’s most recognisable brands have mostly remained pretty unchanged for decades. Your brand is a test of consistency and it is proof that you really are who you say you are. You may feel bored of your colour palette and assets but that’s only because you look at them all day, every day. Your customers and stakeholders may only have sight of your brand once a month so make sure it is reassuringly familiar.

We work hard to keep brands 'on brand' to ensure brand building is always happening. You can still create exciting and eye-catching fresh design solutions – the trick is to make sure you have the right supporting brand assets to draw from.

   DO – Immerse your brand into your culture and team

Share the process, ask for feedback when appropriate and don’t underestimate the power of good merch to engage your team in the brand and business direction that you are taking.

As part of almost any brand project, we always seize the opportunity to make something nice to give to your team, prospects and clients – it is such a great brand builder, especially with our future of hybrid working!

Hopefully these simple Do’s and Don’ts will have inspired you to power up the effectiveness of your brand and marketing projects! Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your brand in more detail.