Branding strategy and design is constantly evolving to adjust to the ever-changing communication landscape. As this happens, there are a few themes that emerge and stick around for a while. Here are my top tips on which Branding trends will do well in 2022.


Adding a sense of humanity to brands and standing up for imperfection and diversity is a growing trend, especially with those who want to appeal to a younger audience. This is often evident in the use of imagery but also in less polished copy and a more relaxed and informal style, even for corporate brands. Humour is a good tool to convey humanity but also think about authenticity and helpfulness. Don’t be afraid to take your own photographs or feature your own people in your communication.


A connection with nature and the environment will continue to be a popular theme and brand style. This will be applied using natural colour palettes, greens, plant textures and images, organic shapes and a. As we transition to a time when impact and circularity becomes everyday language, it is good to promote the importance of

Softer colours

The use of softer colours and more muted colour palettes really taps into the ‘less is more’ camp and can be a clever way to stand out against the competition. Think about limiting the range of colours, finding all you need in a set of closely linked greens, for example. This works especially well with minimalist layouts, adding warmth without making it complicated.

Nostalgia and retro design

Design and branding history is now rich with inspiration for designers, and it is good to look back as well as forwards. Retro design is nostalgic but relies on a known point of reference so take note of audience experiences. Take inspiration from decades that are perhaps not as popular and create a modern spin.

Vernacular styling

Seeing something that looks less polished can be incredibly refreshing. You can branch out with bolder and more playful typography, especially in tactical campaign work.
Easy tricks is to take your own photography and be more relaxed with your brand toolkit, allowing colours and layouts to flow more freely.


A very popular brand platform tool is the use of gradients as it allows for more individuality when using common colours as well as adding a dynamic feel that represents so well digitally. Gradients can be intense of very subtle. This also taps into the popularity in having a greater range of colours and multicoloured design in your toolkit.


Hope this inspires you to think creatively about how to use branding and design to strengthen your communication. As always, do get in touch if you have any questions.