Next in our series on sharing inspiration from different aspects of design is making the most out of the colour blue in branding.

It is by far the most popular colour with corporates as it is seen as a safe choice that won't cause offence. But that does not mean that blue is boring as it all depends on how you apply the colour.


The meaning of blue

Scientific studies have shown that blue is one of the most popular colours in the world. From blue skies to turquoise sea blues, it’s an appealing colour in branding as it is also associated with clarity, calm, communication, intelligence and logic. However, too much blue can be perceived as uncaring and cold, so it’s important to strike the right balance and use other colours too.


A selection of established global brands that rely on blue:

A selection of brands that we’ve created, covering sectors from hospitality and leisure to recruitment and technology. We often try and make the blue/s as interesting as possible by selecting less common shades and also mixing it with contrasting or similar colours to enrich the overall feel:

Using blue in brand imagery

If you would like to communicate the positive aspects of blue but it doesn’t feature in your logo, why not extend your imagery?


Abstract painterly textures can work well for consultancy brands, suggesting a bespoke, crafted approach.

Geometric and architectural details are frequently available in blue and are easy to incorporate for most sectors.

Nature images can be used to suggest different qualities from aspiration and blue sky thinking to the calm and soothing qualities of water.


Another route can be to incorporate blues through illustrations, for specific campaigns for example. It’s an easy option to temporarily harness the positive attributes of a colour without making a permanent change to your brand. It breathes fresh air into your communication and helps your audience to view your brand in a new light.

Left: Monochrome Paper Plants by Raya Sader Bujana via Behance; Right, top: Adobe CC Campaign in collaboration with WE Buchan. Right, bottom: Illustrations for Integranet by Sofia Verano, via Behance.

Blue can be a core element or a hard working accent for your brand. It's popularity with many brands just means you need to be creative in how you use it to stand out!