Next in our series on sharing inspiration from different aspects of design to power up your brand platform, is making the most out of the colour green.

The meaning of green

Growth, balance and new beginnings – the strong ties of green to nature make us instantly associate the colour with these feelings. It can also symbolise balance and restfulness. Bright tones like lime will add pop and energy to a colour palette; deep olives and forest greens suggesting sophistication, restraint and calm. Green is historically the colour for brands who want to be seen as environmentally aware, although this is now less so with a greater emphasis on sustainability being embedded in all brands.

To show how some brands have green as their core colour, here is a selection of established tech brands that use green. Whilst they operate in different spaces, it’s interesting to see how they often combine a similar shade of a lighter green (either warm or cool) with a dark grey or black.

Green projects a lot of positive energy that can be very powerful – here is a  selection of brands that we’ve created, covering a broad range of sectors from hospitality to consultancy and finance.



Using green in brand imagery

If you don't have green in your core palette, it can be useful to add it to your supporting palette. You don't even have to apply it as a graphic or solid shade, but infuse green into your brand platform through other means.

Green through photography

Photography is often relied upon for brands to quickly communicate certain themes. Often to link to sustainability and / or nature and the environment. More abstract and subtle imagery will also add interest and help a brand to stand out, using patterns and textures found in detailed close ups of nature to aerial landscapes.

Green in illustrations

You can also apply greens into any brand illustrations as shown here. Clockwise from below left: Illustration by Cvetelina Yurukova; Louis Vuitton Canada; Colin Bigelow for Tropicana. The use of dark greens and blacks punctuated with sharp lime greens gives a contemporary feel to the Louis Vuitton campaign. The other illustrations use green for a soft, tranquil feel. All images below via Behance.

Green can be a core element or a hard working accent for your brand. It is a popular choice with those who want to convey a sense of ethics, environmental awareness or approachability. Success with green will depend on how it fits with your brand strategy and how you use it in relation to other colours.