Next in our series on sharing inspiration from different aspects of design, to power up your brand platform, is making the most out of the colour orange.

The meaning of orange

Orange is warm and fun, dynamic and playful, but like yellow, can sometimes be seen as childish. The key is to ensure that the rest of your brand assets, such as layout and typography, support the message you want to communicate.

A selection of established brands that use orange, from tech to finance and pharmaceutical.  Finance and pharmaceuticals tend to be dominated by blues - using orange gives these brands an added edge.

A  selection of brands that we’ve created, covering sectors from interiors to technology and consultancy.



Using orange in brand imagery

Orange through photography

Orange is strongly associated with Autumn – think autumn leaves and Hallowe’en. An easy way for brands to harness orange is to use seasonal imagery. You could apply it to anything from monthly newsletters to event branding, helping keep your communication looking fresh and relevant.

Orange is a great colour for visual impact and to inject a bit of fun into your brand. Balance it with clean typography to maintain a polished look.