Next in our series on sharing inspiration from different aspects of design, to power up your brand platform, is making the most out of the colour yellow.

The meaning of yellow

Yellow is seen as a cheerful, uplifting and confident colour, but too much of it can portray a feeling of insecurity and childishness. It’s a tricky colour to incorporate into design and branding as many shades throw up issues around legibility. Yellow is best as a supporting colour – think backgrounds, imagery and patterns.

To show how some brands incorporate yellow as their core colour, here is a selection of established brands from software to automotive sectors.

Brands we’ve created include not-for-profit membership organisation, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, and interior design company Nicola Holden Designs.



Using yellow in brand imagery

Think yellow and you’ll likely think of sunshine or spring. It could be a good colour to add to marketing around launches, harnessing its optimism and positivity.  

Careful consideration of how yellow is used will enable you to inject energy and friendliness into your brand. It can be a brave choice but able to reap the benefits by really standing out against your competitors.