The craft ale movement - small batches produced by independent breweries, using innovative ingredients or brewing methods - has exploded in growth in the UK over recent years. It's a market saturated with relatively young, edgy brands targeting young professionals with a sole focus on the idea of craft.

Contemporary relevance for a heritage brand

Truman's, a brand with nearly 350 years of heritage, is one of the fastest growing breweries in the UK, brewing traditionally styled ales with a modern twist. Originally established in 1666, closed in 1989 and re-established in 2010, they required a website that would reflect their brand values and help drive audience awareness.

A communication challenge that we've seen with several of our premium consumer brands is how to make a brand with so much history appeal to today's audience and we will be covering this in a separate post. For Truman's, we reviewed the brand strategy and brand platform, positioning Truman's firmly in the middle between the traditional, established breweries and new wave revolutionaries. Their strong values of passion and craftsmanship, heritage and location needed to come through, embodying the East End London feel. A classic colour palette of midnight blues and gold is balanced by a bold, caps only display typeface, in perfect harmony with the brand's tone of voice. Dramatic, artistic photography pulls the look together. 

The original Truman's site

Setting Truman's apart 

Other requirements for the site included expanding the product area and improving navigation, social media integration and more accessible e-commerce.

The details in functionality and design make the responsive site unique. With a primary objective to showcase the Truman's range of beers and the passion in creating each one, the full range of beers is shown on a single page, rather than a gallery, resulting in fewer clicks for the user. 

Functionality and user experience has been improved, both front and back end. Content is structured more clearly and delivered quicker, with navigational cues and filters in uniquely shaped buttons providing immediate access to relevant content. The expanded news and events section promotes fresh content with more emphasis on events, enabling Truman's to share their brand story with their growing fan-base.

One of the biggest changes with the new site is the e-commerce functionality. A full shop has been built in, with greater clarity on what is available for purchase and a smoother process from browsing to checkout.

The Umbraco CMS is easy to use, enabling easy maintenance for updates, product additions and order management. The new site provides a solid platform for future growth.