Tech brands invest heavily in branding, whether they are an established global player or a disrupting start-up. This can be put down to two things; a very competitive and fast evolving business landscape and the opportunity to win big by grabbing market share and the being rewarded with the profits that follow.

Whilst there is a diverse range of brand colour pathways in the tech sector, it is still true that a core set of themes appear to dominate:


1. Embracing the blues

A perennial safe choice for tech brands is to go blue. This is a historic brand choice – think IBM, Dell and many other early American tech brands. New and smaller brands like to adopt this route as it feels low risk and can help give the impression of being established and a safe pair of hands.


2. Black and something zingy

This is probably the most common colour theme for tech start-ups. Sometimes it can be grey instead of black, but the effect is almost the same. The zingy colours are a popular choice as they grab the eye’s attention and are also useful in user interface (UI) design and let the brand work through the product itself whilst applying good UX design.


3. Red hot

Even though red brands have lost some of their allure in recent years, it is still a dominant force with some newer tech brand such as Alphabet adopting a pure red colour scheme. Older brands such as Oracle have chosen to hold onto their red through the decades. It should also be mentioned that the continued growth in Chinese tech brands, who mainly use red, will ensure this theme remains.


4. Catch the rainbow

Top tech brands in the rainbow club include Microsoft and Google. Historically brands like polaroid and apple started the trend in the 1970s and it seems to have stuck with some. Benefits include access to an incredibly wide range of colours but it can be quite difficult to control and build brand presence.


When we look at tech brands historically, the US have really dominated the style and progression with other parts of the world following suit. European tech brands often seem to slot into the above themes quite willingly.

But, what we know is that design and brand styles will continue to evolve and I look forward to keeping an eye out for brands who break the mould!