When asking for finance, it’s key to make sure that your information is well presented. Your concept needs to be just as memorable and work even harder when you are no longer in the room.

Utilise your brand toolkit

Your brand is what makes your company different from everyone else pitching. It’s your company’s armour for being memorable – make sure your deck uses the core colours, typefaces and imagery to make that voice loud and clear.

Make it visual

The more complex your concept, the more important it is to use visuals to make it as easy to understand as possible. Can a page of text be summarised in an infographic? Can icons be used to help your viewer follow the journey?


Pitch decks tend to have incredibly varied content and layouts. Create a frame to anchor this by using headers, footers and a clear heading hierarchy to help viewers navigate your document.


Be generous with margins and white space so that your most important points don’t get lost in a page of text. Break up your content with pull-outs and cover slides. Use bold emphasis sparingly to make it stand out.

Highly visual and clearly laid out pages will help make your pitches compelling and easy to follow, increasing engagement with your audience.