The exhibition looks at the creative world of fashion designer Paul Smith, exploring the development of his company from its beginning in Nottingham through to becoming the international brand that it is now.

The exhibition was a fantastic space full of creativity and inspiration, displaying an eclectic mix of paintings, photographs and illustrations from his personal archive. It showed how he gets his inspiration from anywhere - from colour combinations and patterns to illustration and photography styles - and uses this to create beautiful design. Within this was an inspiring message - Every Day Is A New Beginning - encouraging you to start each day with new possibilities and ideas, and the opportunities that this can bring.

The exhibition also showed the layout of his office and studio, describing the mess as a reflection of his creative mind. This definitely made me feel better about how messy my desk can sometimes get!

A particularly interesting room within the exhibition had a recording of Paul Smith speaking about how he works sees the world around him. "The trick is to do something different, to look and see things in a different way." This is something we are constantly striving to do at IC Design.

I was also fascinated by some of the collaboration projects on show, including the partnership with Mini, for which Paul Smith created a unique version of an already iconic vehicle.

I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't already been. Whatever your interest, whether it is art, design, fashion or photography, this is a great place to go and be inspired!