A design trend predicted for 2022 was the use of experimental typography. More than just a font to use on a website and brochure, this trend pushes the boundaries of legibility and sees typography as an art in itself. Here are a few ideas and inspiration to help you incorporate this trend into your communication for immediate impact.

Mixing typefaces

This breaks all the traditional typography rules by mixing different typefaces together within a word or sentence. It could be used to add a playful personality to your communication.

Layered typefaces

Often combining stripes and stencil-like letters, layered typefaces have numerous ways in which they can be used. Layered over each other in different colours creates depth, or using different cropped elements from each layer adds extra distinction.

Negative Space

Using negative space has a striking effect and often goes to the edge of legibility. How much of a letter or word do you really need to see in order to be able to read it? This technique delivers a lot of confidence and trusts the reader to make up the rest.

Jumbled letters

This technique uses letters as purely a decorative or graphic element. Serif typefaces, which feature more distinctive characteristics, are often used to create easy and joyful visual effects.

From pictures made of letters to contemporary brand marques and punchy headlines, experimental typography brings a dynamic and playful flair to your communication. Fundamental to making this trend work is having the ‘right’ typefaces to work with, these are often more flamboyant and are often called display typefaces.