The advanced solution suite of software provides a single, integrated and customisable platform to support global banks and institutions to comply with regulations and perform advanced stress testing.

We created a full communication suite, including a whiteboard animation, designed to breakdown a complex and dry subject, as well as the product website, brochures, stationery and templates. The brand is centred on the concept of unlocking credit cycles, with the brand icon echoing a credit cycle. The overall feel has been kept light to enable time and space to digest the nature of the information. 

To manage the volume and complexity of content, we designed a series of components to work across all collateral in order to break down information into different sized chunks. This puts the user in control, giving them the ability and convenience to choose what and how much they consume and when. Diagrams are built into the website, rather than put in as images, ensuring a good experience across all devices.

We also refreshed the Aguais And Associates branding to establish clear links and brand hierarchy between the parent and product brands. A clever touch on the Aguais And Associates cards is a clear foil credit cycle graphic on the reverse, which can only be seen when the light hits it, reflecting the idea of unlocking credit cycles.

The software solution will launch in September 2016.