Cleverly designed corporate reports like white papers, research and annual reports make great tools for building engagement with your audience. When they feel simple and attractive to read, it builds trust that strengthens your competitive advantage.

Here are five design tips to make sure your high value content is delivered successfully:

1. Easy-to-scan content

One of the quickest tips to implement for immediate impact is to structure your content in digestible chunks. Whether it’s simple sub-headings to pulling out quotes or highlighting key statistics, a strong hierarchy combined with clever typography creates clear, scannable text for your reader. It’s easy to absorb the most important information at a glance, making it appealing to read in-depth.

2. Break-out content

Treat different types of content in a special way, such as boxing case studies to distinguish them from the main body of text. This helps your eye to refocus and re-group, keeping your attention.

3. White space

Ensuring your layout has a generous amount of white space makes it much clearer for you to see what to focus on, making it easier to read. Limiting the width on your columns of text, space around headers and footers and wide margins all help your eye travel across the page.

4. Striking imagery

From a full page infographic to a splash of colour in your charts, visuals catch your eye and make a page more attractive to dive into. They make information quicker to understand and process. Beautiful infographics are also very social media friendly, making incredibly shareable content.

5. Special pages

If pagination and the structure of your content allows for it, ‘breather’ pages create a natural pause, enabling your reader to dip in and out of the report easily.

Breaking down complex information into well laid out pages makes you want to pick it up and feels easy to dive in and out of. This enables you to deliver high value content successfully and increases engagement with your audience.