Here are five things we think you need to get your business off to a great start!

1. A web page sooner rather than later

Get at least a holding page up as soon as you have your URL. That way Google (yes and Bing etc.) knows you exist. Include a few lines of text about your business which is more useful than waiting for a finished logo as you will start to be indexed and all that SEO value can be transferred to the proper site when you are ready.

2. A graphic device

Having something more than just a typographic logo makes it so much easier to brand your social media. Think about scale – how will it look really big and really small?

3. Business cards

These should be done once you have your brand. Don’t be tempted to go to a machine and get something plain or online generic ones. It is not a good first impression and people will keep them FOREVER much to your annoyance. There are some great cost effective print methods these days and we encourage our client to be bold with their cards as sometimes it can be the only piece of print they do.

4. Defined colour palette

You will have checked out your competition and it is now important to set yourself apart. Colour is a very useful way to do that. It is usually very hard to find a single colour that will do that so you need to have a set of colours that can be combined to create distinction and help grow brand awareness.

5. Know how to help your audience

Might seem obvious but what is critical is that you make your business interesting TO OTHER PEOPLE. It is very exciting to start a business but the fact is it will not succeed if it is all about you. Define your pitch as early as possible with a brand strategy based on how your business is going to solve a problem.

If you can get these five elements into your early phase, we believe that your opportunities to cut through in a noisy world will be much improved – Good Luck!