Every brand needs a lift now and again. Savvy global brand managers keep a close eye and anticipate changes in the market to ensure their brand stays fresh and relevant.

But with 100 other things to do, how can smaller business and brand owners avoid holding onto an outdated brand?

Retaining and increasing your brand value should be high up on your priority list and a brand review need not be complicated or costly. It may just be a few tweaks and the addition of some new elements such as images and graphics. Enough to inject new energy into your brand to keep it fresh, whilst retaining the brand equity you already have.

Here are five good reasons to commence a brand review project:

1. Your competition is leaving you behind

Keeping a regular eye on your closest competitors is common sense. If you notice that they are making changes and just seem more energetic in their brand communication, you should review your own assets and core messaging.

2. Your logo is more than ten years old

Your brand may be a classic but if it is ten years or older, chances are it is showing its age. It may just need a new supporting cast to bring the oomph back into it. A review of typefaces both online and offline would be a sensible thing to do as this can provide you with some quick wins.

3. Your team don't like the how the brand looks

Negative perceptions of the logo and brand from an internal perspective could indicate other HR issues but you should still listen to your team. Things to consider is whether you just need to make some small changes but tie it together with internal engagement initiatives. 

4. You have diversified your goods or services

Pigeon-holed for one service or product? Would it be commercially savvy to enlighten your existing customers about everything that you do? A brand refresh is a perfect tool to let people know that things have changed. They will take a bit more notice, appreciate that you are keeping with the times and actually try you of for something else that they need.

5. Your gut tells you to

You may feel that something is not quite right but you can't put your finger on it. Those instincts are what makes your brand unique so act on it! At the very least seek out a professional opinion and have the conversation so that you at least know how you could proceed if you wanted to shake things up a bit.

On the flip-side there are also times when I would strongly advise against making changes to your brand:

1. You fancy a change

You need a good strategic reason to make changes to your brand. This is not the time for a flippant decision because it will be fun. Design is a very powerful tool and it should always align with your business strategy.

2. You don't have a clear business strategy and you think this could be your silver bullet

See point 1. The design process needs to be properly managed to deliver the best results for your business.

3. You are in M&A talks

This could be like burning money... on the other hand if you'd like to be in M&A talks, then sprucing yourself up could be just the ticket!

A rebrand project can involve subtle design updates, through to a major overhaul of logo, colour palette and other assets. The key to knowing what will be most effective for you will depend on your existing brand, your business and brand strategy. Ideally a rebrand should last between 5-10 years and deliver substantial return on investment.

Here are a few of our recent rebranding projects – some are style updates and others fix weaknesses that have crept up over time. But, what they all have in common is some sense of evolution to retain brand equity.


Your brand will need a bit of looking after and the more you plan for it, the better the results will be. It makes good sense to think through what your business and communications strategy is and making sure your brand is always fit for purpose. Nothing costs more than missed opportunities.