Infographics are a fun and engaging way of presenting information, especially complex data and processes. There are two key elements to creating good infographics – first, presenting your content in a way that is easy to understand and follow, and second, using eye-catching visuals with minimal text. Here are five ways in which you can incorporate and use them to enrich your brand communication.

1. Present and support research and data analysis

We most commonly create infographics to bring data to life across pitch decks, white papers and reports and social media.

2. Illustrate a list of benefits

These can be used in presentations, pitch decks, and in certain cases, website graphics.

3. Explain complex systems: your processes / technology / services

Product or service pdfs, pitch decks

4. Instructions and How-to’s

Brochures, websites and product care sheets

5. Timelines

Presentations and pitch decks

There really are so many ways to make use of infographics and create a great boost for your time-pressed audience to fully understand the benefits of your product or services. As always, get in touch to see more and ask any questions.