Umbraco Grids enables far greater layout editing capabilities inside the Content Management System (CMS). The function is enabled as the site page is constructed using a set of elements which are inter-changeable.

What could you do?

Imagine it's Monday morning and what you really fancy on your homepage is a large image featuring your latest service or product? In just a few minutes you can go into Umbraco and move the text you had at the top lower down the page and insert the large image component at the top. Need some extra widgets to drive traffic to a particular section of your site? Just add them in in a place that suits.

Helping to future-proof websites

What this really means is that sites are now far more future proof than they have been previously as website editors have more capability to edit layout, not just content such as text and images. What this means for us is that when we design and build websites, we need to think a little differently. We now need to  imagine how the components might me used in the future as well as work with existing content.

Thinking further ahead

It helps if clients are able to share a long term vision for their website so we can then ensure as much function is built in now as possible, saving on future development costs.

We are really excited about Umbraco Grids as we can really see how our clients will benefit from this new feature and enjoy using and updating their Umbraco sites even more. If you would like to find out more about Umbraco Grids, please do not hesitate to get in touch