Financial performance

Research by the Design Council has proven that there are clear financial benefits to investing in design - firms that do so tend to outperform their competitors and be more profitable.

Marketing campaigns that combine both digital and print tend to be the most effective. You can measure increases in sales / profits / referrals or revenue over a set period following a design project. Perhaps use a code to track response rates or sales. You can evaluate whether your existing customers are spending more, or if there is a wider base of customers that result in an increased spend. One of our stats is a sales campaign for a recruitment consultancy which ran over 3 months and delivered 900% ROI.

Not just the bottom dollar... great design can change your world!

Design can also bring many intangible benefits. Have you had positive feedback from existing customers? A stronger brand can change perception, resulting in increased customer loyalty, changes in attitudes from stakeholders and increased use by target groups. New markets and opportunities can also open up. Can you measure effects on your staff? Perhaps reduced absenteeism or increased productivity, as well as things harder to evaluate; improved employee morale, talent retention and recruitment - is it now easier to find and keep the right people?

With websites, you could measure increases in service usage, visitor numbers, bookings and enquiries generated through the site, as well as a reduction in bounce rates so people are actually on your website for longer.

Design can also generate savings and efficiencies; the Content Management System (CMS) we use, Umbraco, clients are mentioning how much easier and faster it is to update their site. This leads to more frequent updates (better SEO) and greater productivity from the website editors.

These are just a few of the methods we use to evaluate how effective our projects are. Not all will apply to every project, but they show some of the many ways in which design can positively impact your business.