Trademarking provides added security against copycat brands and competitors. Within brand communication, it is usually a name, logo or line of text that needs trademarking and it will also make you appear more dedicated and established. As the word trademarking delivers nearly half a million results on Google, the tricky bit is figuring out how to get started. 

There are a number of options open and different scenarios may need different tactics. You could enlist a trademarking lawyer who can give you specialist advice and also carry out extensive searches to find out if what you want to trademark is not already ‘out there’. Your other option is to do it yourself online which is not so complicated once you understand the system.

Firstly, you need to decide what you want to trademark and in what categories. Logos are easier to trademark than just plain text as they are more distinctive and in many cases where a name is deemed too common, you can only register the logo version. There are lots of categories and it is best to think carefully about what you need to cover (the sector in which you operate). Do not try and go for all categories as you are very likely to be turned down or challenged. To make a start at registering a trademark go to and click on the get started link. There is lots of helpful advice on the website too.

Once you have decided to trademark something you can use the TM symbol next to your logo / design / line of text as it is showing your intent to trademark. Once the trademarking has been approved, you are free to use the ® symbol which means it is an official trademark. You do need to remember that it is only applicable to the markets and regions you have selected.