Nicola Holden Designs is a boutique contemporary interior design company based in London, creating bespoke residential interiors and outdoor living spaces that closely reflect their clients' individual lifestyles. Their design ethos is very much about creating unique spaces, inspired by artefacts, objects and memories that are important to their clients.

The final concept is a chameleon at the base of a bold, customised slab-serif 'N', against a contemporary sans-serif typeface. The typography represent the technical aspects, whilst the chameleon is a great metaphor for Nicola's style - adapting to its environment.


When it came to the website, we decided to strip down the content from the previous site.

The previous site

The previous site

We designed the new site mobile-first and knew that the fabulous photography would take centre stage and speak for itself. The portfolio was a crucial section, which we re-structured to make it easier to navigate and show-off the work. We added little touches with the brand graphics such as the chameleon appearing within the section headings.

Overall, a redesign delivering the brand's core messaging much more quickly and easily, with a quirky touch.