Doing regular audits of your marketing collateral is a must for seasoned marketing professionals. It ensures every piece works hard to drive through long-term brand building as well as tactical messaging for maximum return on investment at every opportunity.

Often all that is needed is information updates on the range of services or products and a little refresh on the layout. By ensuring your collateral is keeping up with your website and social media activity, for example, you are also delivering consistency which is key in cutting through to your audience.

Going a little deeper, it is necessary from time to time to review the suite of collateral that you use. At this point, it can be insightful to get feedback from the sales and client facing people in your business. This will deliver insight into effectiveness and produce harder working collateral and ensures they have the tools needed to deliver targets and goals.

When conducting a collateral audit, ask yourself:

  • have I got the right type of material?
  • is it optimised for the communication channel/s I am using?
  • does it maximise possible cross selling of products or services?
  • are there any new technical tricks I can make use of?
  • does the text clearly deliver the business purpose?
  • does it outperform my competitors’ collateral?
  • how do they combine to build my brand long term?


Getting the answers to even some of these questions will provide a great start in auditing your existing materials to make sure you are maximising opportunities in all your marketing and sales activities.

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