Stock photography are instantly available images that will enhance most communication and in most cases, are very affordable. The downside can come if you crave a bit more individuality. Here are our top tips that are easy to implement and will deliver greater brand building opportunities.

The majority of our clients make use of stock photography from time to time. It is quick to access, very affordable and will add a powerful visual element to a piece of communication. They can form part of your core brand assets or utilised for seasonal or campaign messages.

But you don't have to use them as they come – here are five quick and easy tips on how to make stock photography more unique to your brand.

The original

A classic stock image in its original style:

Black and white

Creating a black & white version instantly adds a graphic style and simplifies the image, making it easier to team up with existing brand colours:

Duo or tri-tones

From a greyscale image you can create subtle duo or tri-tones that match or complement your brand colours:

Added watermark graphic

Go one step further and overlay some semi transparent brand graphics and you have something that is quite different to the original:


Another simple route is to crop the image to strengthen the focus and create something more unique at the same time:


Applying a filter can be very effective, especially if you have a varied set of images as the filter visually links them together. A specific filter can also act as a branding device in itself and offer a quick route to brand recognition:

Go bright or abstract

Going a bit more abstract or playing with the tones in the image more drastically can also be done to create a more eye catching result. Obviously care needs to be taken with this approach to ensure you stay on brand!


The key is to experiment and see what works for your brand or particular project. Putting more care and attention into how you use stock photography will strengthen brand recognition and with it, your competitive advantage.