Before you go rushing off to register your name you need to consider a few things.

Recent history has shown us when the .biz TLD was introduced, it was very quickly dominated by spammers. The situation got so bad that email spam filters placed global blocks on any email coming from a .biz address.

There is also the potential risk of consumer confusion and phishing attacks. Think about spammers registering coke.drink or worse, - you can see the spammers gleefully rubbing their hands together already.

This will undoubtedly lead to defensive registrations for trademark protection.

Matt Cutts, head of Google's Webspam team has indicated that if a TLD is "very spammy", Google may not rank the results very well. So even if you are a legitimate site, being on the wrong TLD could result in you not getting your deserved rankings. Matt further stressed that Google aims to crawl all valid urls to deliver the best content, even if it is on an unusual TLD. We'll just need to wait and see how it all pans out and how the registries behave.

So are there any new TLD's you can trust?

Dot London are handling the launch of the .london TLD. They are part of London & Partners, the official promotional organisation for London and are supported by the Mayor of London. The initial launch of .london will start on 29 April 2014 and will run for 3 months, during which time priority will be given to London based businesses, organisations and individuals.

Dot London says the new .london TLD will enable you to identify yourself with London and tell customers where you are and that your content is relevant to them as well as enabling a closer association to London's brand and the city's reputation.

The new domain for London already has some high profile support from Selfridges, ExCel London, Meantime Brewing Company, London Eye and Theatre land. The costs are yet to be published but it looks like .london is going to be a domain you can trust and worth considering if you have a London connection.