When it came to the design and build of AVCA's (African Private Equity and Venture Captial Association) corporate website, we set about making the structure and experience as streamlined as possible. The site design had to be clean, modern and vibrant to engage two audience types - prospective and existing members, both with different needs. Prospects needed to understand the benefits of membership and have an easy access point for joining, whilst current members needed access to data and information as well as find out and sign up to events.

The original site

The original site

The new design

The new design

Improving user experience

The clarity in site structure and the uncluttered design focuses attention. Adaptable sets of components have been designed so that they can be used in different ways throughout the site, bringing consistency and familiarity to the user experience. When presented with all sorts of information the same process makes navigation around the site easier and quicker for the user.

Each component was individually built to AVCA's requirements and tested responsively to ensure a great experience across all devices, delivering an uncompromised solution that is flexible for future change.

Editor power for internal efficiency

The CMS is intuitive and easy to use. Built using Umbraco Grids, the back-end empowers the editor to organise and order layouts using designed components, so changing content hierarchy as required. A highly flexible system, the components can be organised and used in any combination, enabling AVCA to have control in guiding and directing users through the site, highlighting or promoting particular pages or features at any given time. The grid system also gives a realistic view of how the front end will look when published, giving confidence to the editor.

Key features

The site enables different levels of access for members and non-members. The Member portal provides access to member-only content such as in-depth research and publications, member directory (searchable by location, name or member type), direct contact information and the ability to submit research requests.

CRM integration ensures that the most recent data is always available in terms of members and contact information.

Filters for events and research sections are simple to use, allowing users to easily find information that is relevant to them, creating a personalised experience throughout the site. An easy share function with bespoke messaging pushes the site out to a wider audience.

The site delivers a great platform for AVCA to retain and grow their membership base, making the most of every communication opportunity.