Following on from our work for Codess, we were commissioned by Microsoft to design, build and host a new microsite that needed to be in line with other online Skype assets. The key purpose of the site is to show off videos that highlight different departments of the company and how Skype is evolving their services. It was also important for the site to facilitate social sharing of the content easily, direct the visitor to discover more about a particular office as well as learn about the roles that Skype recruits for.

Our approach was to design the website to act as a directory for traffic to come to in order to get a more in-depth sense of the company, whether they had seen one video on social media, or having been directed to the site by a friend. Built in Umbraco, carousels are used to give insights into the type of jobs available and locations of offices – so users can scroll through what is of most interest to them. The information ticker delivers quick facts about Skype's size and reach. At any time the visitor can link to the Skype recruitment sites to search for jobs and make an application.

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