Your digital marketing collateral is going to need to be the best it has ever been to maximise your sales and marketing opportunities.

Here's our checklist to help you analyse and improve your opportunities – as we need to do more with our sales and marketing activity in a remote, screen based environment.



Umbraco website for Thompson Taraz, launched 2019

Have you read your own website recently? Make sure your content is up-to-date. It’s a simple thing but often overlooked and can seem daunting. If so, divide the sections amongst your team or take one section at a time, starting with your most popular pages first. Consider having promotional landing pages which can be tailored to niche audiences and contain exclusive deals or special offers.


PDF Brochures

Product data sheets for HPD LendScape, e-mailable and downloadable from the website

Make sure it contains your latest proposition and that it is updated to reflect the new normal. Ask yourself if you should add some new sections – your PDFs need to work a lot harder now so think about what you can do to make them perform better. Is your page linking obvious and easy to use? Can you link to further information on your website? Is there a clear call to action throughout the document?

Tailoring information is also very effective so think about if shorter and more specific PDFs will work better rather than a longer one size fits all. You can even go as far as personalising and cherry-picking content for a specific individual to create a semi-presentation.


Email signature

Details of email signature promotional banners

When contacting prospective clients, can your email signature be better designed to tell more of your story? Think about a description of your business or strapline. If you are running a campaign or promotion, you can easily add in a link or small banner. As you can often be pigeon-holed as a provider of one thing, your email signature can help deliver information regarding ALL your services to existing clients.


Digital newsletters

Newsletter template components for Accountum

Is your email template flexible enough to enable you to create more clicks? Can you vary your information from informal company updates to thought leadership highlights, upcoming webinars and special campaigns? Remember that email is always more effective if you make it a visually more pleasant experience! It is also very useful to have a web version that you can promote on your social media channels.



Social media graphic templates for Thompson Taraz and AVCA

When posting on social media, are your visuals and banners well branded? Never ever miss an opportunity to project your brand with easy to use templates that you just update in-house with topic specific content before exporting and using as needed.


How to make sure you get the job done

It is often smarter to make small incremental updates to existing collateral as you can get them ready very quickly AND you will be able to work out what is most effective from monitoring the results. You will need to be making adjustments as necessary, always improving as you keep the tempo going in your communication – all whilst adjusting to an evolving business environment.

Always remember to create plenty of visibility for your brand at every opportunity – it explains why you, and nothing else, will do!