Tucked away on the second floor of the Science Museum is the lovely new exhibition space ‘Media Space’. It is quite a contrast to how I perceive the Science Museum to be - namely constantly filled with school children and prams. My children love this museum and it is a fantastic space, which now has a rather sophisticated and grown-up corner.

You should catch this exhibition if any of the following applies to you; you like black and white photography, you were born before or during the 1960s/70s, or you enjoy looking back at how we used to spend our leisure time. Some elements are very different (like sitting on the beach in a suit) and some things don’t seem to have changed at all (buying plants at the Chelsea Flower Show).

If you are REALLY into street photography, this exhibition is a must, and you have probably already been… the compositions and facial expressions captured by Tony Ray-Jones’ photographs are especially compelling and Martin Parr’s slightly later work from the 1970s seemed very familiar to me in style – but my own family snaps were never quite as powerful.

Today of course, we are bombarded with photographs of people at leisure (thank you social media) and I can’t help feeling we have swapped quality for quantity. Do one lap of the exhibition and just enjoy the people in the photographs, then go round once more and study the composition and how the people in the photographs relate (or not!) to each other. You will only need about an hour – time and money truly well spent!