Pitching – especially free pitching – is a source of endless debate within our industry. Is it wrong; how do you stop it; what is the alternative?

Our alternative to pitching of any kind is a conversation. Our process is to always diagnose before we can prescribe – and we can only do this after spending some time together. We begin with reviewing the status quo and listening to how you see the business developing in the future. From this we organise a strategy session tailored to the client's individual needs. This means the clients get the best out of us – we can make a professional diagnosis of what the communication challenges actually are, and develop a long-term solution, rather than a short-term solution which might miss out some excellent opportunities to communicate smarter and better. As Blair mentions, you wouldn't tell your doctor that you had breathing problems only for them to send you straight off for heart bypass surgery!

We know that a strong partnership with a communication agency is a powerful business asset and should be nurtured through mutual respect and trust. By declining to engage in free pitching, our studio time is dedicated to our clients, because that is the way it should be.