A piece of well printed literature; sales brochure, direct mail and even a business card, can really set the tone for your brand and capture the imagination in a way that digital work is unable to do, particularly in the premium consumer market.


Examples of thermography (top) and gold foil

Examples of thermography (top) and gold foil

The correct choice of paper stock and finish can give the audience a great insight into what your brand represents. This helps to create an emotional response and can physically connect the reader to your brand. For example, an uncoated paper stock combined with a subtle finish, such as a spot UV or embossed logo or graphic, can really give your brand the edge and set it apart from your competitors. Those of you who have received our newsletter and printed communication will have noticed the iridescence of our paper stock, which we use to give our material a little extra finishing touch.

Over the last few months, we have received these remarkable pieces of direct mail from Downey, which is a great example of stunning and engaging print.

The range of simple and creative finishes really grabbed our attention and we now look forward to receiving the next in the series to see what else they can do.

These have really inspired us to be creative and push boundaries with our current and upcoming print projects. Keep an eye on our upcoming blog posts this year to discover how it has influenced our work!