Our clients rarely compete on price, focussing on value, quality and service. The brand story is very powerful in cementing a relationship and creating ambassadors who will give you access to new prospects. A prospective client or customer needs to imagine using your brand before they commit and this is where storytelling is especially powerful. It can also fill a potential void and push back on gossip and untruths, ultimately building up your brand equity.

The first step in brand storytelling is to map out the business narrative - answering questions like; Why are you here? What problems do you Solve? Make it about the audience, not yourself (unless of course YOU are the story!).

What kind of story you weave into your brand depends of course on your business but two essential processes in brand storytelling are 1. choosing the right story, and 2. telling the story right.

Choosing the right story

Knowing what will capture the imagination of your audience will be key to choosing the right story. It helps to have a specific target group in mind, even if you have other peripheral audiences as it creates a better quality story. Essentially you will want to motivate the audience, build trust and transmit your values – but in a fun and interesting way.

Telling the story right

Once you have a great story about your brand, you need to find the right way to tell it. I find that this is where detail and quality comes into play. There is no point having a story about a very bespoke service and sending it out as a mass email, for example. You need to walk the walk. The messages can be layered and build up an even bigger picture over time or during multiple touch points. Be ruthlessly consistent with the story - stay authentic, even when you need to be tactical.

Further reading

I believe that a great story around and about your brand will give you a competitive advantage. It will help you stand out from the crowd and build long term brand loyalty. If you would like to read more on this, I can recommend two books; Difference by Bernadettae Jiwa and Winning The Story Wars by Jonah Sacs.