The most popular colour for corporate identity is undoubtedly blue. You can enhance this tried and trusted route with a powerful yet practical supporting colour palette. Here we explore some of our favourite combinations to enhance mid and navy blues.

This post has come about because we were discussing why blue is such a favoured colour for corporate identity work. Blue is safe, tried and trusted. No-one got fired for picking a blue logo...

But with an ever-more demanding audience and requirement for flexibility in brand applications, we think the best way may not be to reject the blue but to add a distinctive supporting colour palette that works closely with the blues (and greys for that matter) to deliver energy and a visual point of differentiation. The result is a stronger brand that will improve your competitive advantage.

To think beyond the blues, here are a few of our favourite combinations on both navy and mid blues that are also seriously practical – to inspire your next brand extension project.

Deep sea

Ocean and teals offer a sophisticated add-on to navy blue. The light turquoise makes a perfect accent colour:

Blackberry sky

Berry and purply tones need to be sober but will add unique flair. paired with sensible sky blues to stop things getting too broody:

Ocean sunrise

Orange is the colour opposite to blue on the colour wheel so needs careful management. Adding two tones of this colour enriches the impression and the rest of the palette should just be supporting tones of other blues:

Crystal cool

Cool and crisp with lots of variety – this combination still works as the tones are in pairs and some warmth is offered in the turquoise tones:

Aqua spring

A warm and hearty combination of classic green brought to life with mustardy tones:

Primary pop

The reds here offer a powerful contrast but when paired with additional blues, you create a more sophisticated result:


You may have noticed that the trick to having a bigger colour palette is to select tonal variations rather than lots of different colours. You can also use your usual reliable greys or black to any of these sets of colours.

We regularly update colour palettes to existing brands so please get in touch if you think you're in need of a colour audit.