Creating a branded presence on LinkedIn allows you to build brand awareness and create trust. It helps to encourage engagement from employees, which in turn increases company page views and followers.

Here are a few tips to make the most of the opportunities to showcase your brand on LinkedIn.

1. Company Page

Create a branded image for your cover photo. The key areas to consider are:

  • How does your logo and banner work together? Can you experiment with colour contrasts between the two to make a bigger impact?
  • How does it look on mobile? This may need a bit of testing to get it right
  • Can you add a strapline? Whilst text helps, it’s best to keep it short and test to make sure it is visible on all devices

Two varying approaches to the company page banner - Mintus opted for similar colours between the logo space and banner, whilst Aguais and Associates use colour to create a contrast between the two.

2. Personal Profile Pages

Is there an opportunity to encourage employees to use a branded banner to increase brand awareness? Having a wide set of options they can choose from allows for people to pick something that suits them.

3. Branded posts

LinkedIn say that posts with images tend to result in a higher comment rate – it can be about 2x more! – and image collage posts also seem to do well.

For ease and efficiency, why not have a range of templates for content you typically post on LinkedIn? This helps to speed up creation of branded posts and ensures a consistent yet fresh look each time you post, building your brand presence.

AVCA's posts about their new research publications has a distinct look from each report yet is still easily identifiable.

Bringing it all together

These examples show how a strong, easily identifiable presence can be created on LinkedIn through consistency.

Successful brand communication on LinkedIn is easily achieved with a bit of planning and co-ordination. Getting your colleagues on board is key to maximising the spread of your brand and messaging.