It is tempting to get stuck in a rut with your marketing, doing the same things month in, month out. If it is time to get some new ideas, here are our top tips for where to go for inspiration.

1. Spy on a different sector

It can be incredibly inspiring to take a closer look at a sector that is very different to your own. What techniques and emotional triggers do they use to engage their audience? Look to find something there that could provide a useful communication tool that would apply to your sector and even provide a refreshing change. Visiting a trade show or industry event is a great way to see how different sectors deliver their brand and marketing messages in a competitive environment.

2. Visit an art gallery

Does your marketing collateral need some much needed visual refreshment? f so, an art gallery could be just the place for you. Visual artists are masters of colour and form so it is easy to source inspiration for an extended colour palette or thinking about how layouts and hierarchy could work in new and exciting ways for your brand.

3. Tap into your people

For a fresh but relevant point of view talk to the people within your organisation that are not involved with marketing. What you will get is a direct response and the ability to spot weaknesses that exist in either what you are saying or how you are saying it. These people also know the business from the inside and could highlight strengths that they are proud of but not well known – delivering a true and sustainable point of difference.

These three ideas are all easy to apply and gets you away from the usual process – conduct all three and you could be onto a marketing goldmine of USPs to feed all your marketing channels!