Next in our series of typography blog posts comes five fabulous suggestions to combine serif and sans serif typefaces, creating variety and interest in your brand platform.

To continue on last month's blog post on typeface terminology, which you can read here, we are looking closer at how to mix and match different typefaces to create a more distinctive brand platform.

Including both serif and sans serif typefaces in your brand platform allows for a broader range of applications and is especially useful if you choose to have minimalistic imagery and graphics.

Here are five serif fonts that have been paired with light weight sans serif fonts, a classic combination as it balances the detail in the serif font with the clean lines of the sans serif. What is crucial when combining different typefaces is that they don't compete but complement each other so that the reader can enjoy the attractive features of both.

A slab serif like Memphis is a cool choice and is best paired with something equally strong yet clean like Futura:

Habibi has plenty of modern twists and needs a supporting font that can keep up – Agenda fits the bill nicely with many visual similarities:

Kepler is dependable so needs to be matched with something a bit more unusual like Aller:

Georgia bold commands attention but is a bit traditional so balance that with the classic modern lines of Gill Sans:

Didot's classy lines creates a lot of visual energy so you need to support it with a super clean font like Houschka:


Notice how many characteristics are common across the two typefaces – such as a modern or traditional lower case 'g'. This creates a sense of harmony and definitely something to look out for when reviewing type choices.

If you think your brand would benefit from a review of your typefaces, please get in touch with us as we regularly audit and update typeface selections for brands to keep their communication fresh and relevant.