In this article we’ll look at cookie compliance with your website’s content management system with the aim of making sure your site is compliant and building trust with your visitors.

Whilst there are different content management systems (CMS) and consent management platforms (CMP) available and most of the content in this article is general, we’ll look specifically Umbraco (CMS) and Cookiebot (CMP).


What is Umbraco?

Anyone who knows what we do or has read any of our newsletters or previous posts will know what Umbraco is. For everyone else, Umbraco is an open-source content management system (CMS) which is mature, flexible, extendable, robust and in the words of the community, friendly. This makes it ideal for the websites we build and is our CMS of choice and has been for over 10 years.


What is Cookiebot?

Cookiebot is a consent management platform (CMP) that websites can use to protect the privacy of their visitors from unwanted data collection and invasive third-party trackers.

It tells visitors that your website is compliant with data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and assures them that they are in control of their own data and privacy.

Cookiebot provides this in 3 parts:

  1. Cookie consent
    Customised user consent on your website which is fully compliant with GDPR, ePR and CCPA.
  2. Cookie monitoring
    Automated scanning to monitor and report on all cookies and tracking code on your website.
  3. Cookie control
    Automatic blocking of cookies on your website until consent is given.


Why use Cookiebot?

We’ve all seen the cookie consent popups on websites which notify you that the website uses cookies and by continuing you agree with their use. Often these are free plugins, very basic and can fall short of compliance requirements.

When a website is launched, the owner usually knows what cookies their site uses. It may just be for Google Analytics, or some specific functionality used by your site. They would then create a cookie policy page on their website listing these cookies and information about them so visitors have enough information to decide whether they will allow them on their device.

All done, box ticked, compliant! But wait a minute…

Most websites are now powered by a content management system (CMS) so the owner or editors can add pages very easily with all kinds of rich content from embedded videos, to social media snippets and even tracking code for third party marketing services to track usage of their website. All of these things can add extra cookies and tracking code which is not included in that original cookie or privacy policy, leaving your site falling foul of GDPR.

To solve this, Cookiebot will automatically and regularly scan all of your site pages for new cookies, identify them and include them in your cookie consent form. It will take action based on the type of cookie so consent must be obtained (where applicable) before they are used. No longer will you have hidden cookies lurking somewhere in an old blog post.

Detailed reports can be viewed and emailed to you at regular intervals.

When we run this service for the first time on a site its often eye-opening to see exactly what cookies are being placed on your visitor’s computer and website owners who thought they were compliant are actually not.


Cookiebot Dashboard in Umbraco

Cookiebot have integrated their dashboard into the Umbraco back office, making it easy to view the latest scan results and take action in the website content if required.

Having all this information in one place is convenient and keeps cookie management in focus to help your website remain complaint.



If you are serious about cookie compliance and you have editors adding rich content to your website CMS, then we would recommend using a consent management platform such as Cookiebot. For further information, please send us an email using the link below.