Written in C#

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft and is one of the languages designed for the Common Language Infrastructure. What this means is that it is robust, flexible and well known.

Version 7

Umbraco is regularly updated and the current latest version is 7.2.8. Version 7 was a big upgrade and both developers and editors enjoyed a completely revamped back-end administration user interface (UI). If you are still using version 6 or older, an upgrade would profoundly transform your editing experience!

Quarter of a million +

Over 250,000 sites use Umbraco. That might seem like a small number when you consider that there are (at time of writing!) 987,747,536 live sites on the internet but when you look at the quality of sites, Umbraco’s statistics are more impressive. Umbraco is a true enterprise solution and enjoyed by brands like National Geographic, Wired, Heinz, Peugeot and Sony to name a few.

Code Garden and UK Festival

Umbraco HQ organise annual events to support and stimulate the Umbraco developer community. The biggest event is Code Garden, where developers gather from all over the world in Copenhagen to exchange ideas and learn what is next on the horizon for this system. And our tickets are already booked for the Umbraco UK Festival on the 30th October from where we will report on all the exciting updates.

Code Garden

Code Garden


But the biggest reason of all that we love Umbraco is hearing how it makes you feel. When our clients use a CMS for the first time or switch from a different one, it is the speed at which they pick it up, the ease of use as well as the flexibility that matters most to us. A website with all the standard technical requirements is greatly enhanced by being updated regularly!