The event was hosted by our friends at The Cogworks and attended by developers from all over the UK, Europe and even as far as USA.

The UK is proud to have the most active Umbraco community in the world and there is always a real buzz around this event, now in its fourth year.

Niels Hartvig, the creator of Umbraco opened with a brief history of the Umbraco project right through to the upcoming realease of Umbraco as a Service. The rest of the sessions were split up across two venues so you could choose what interested you most. Among the fantastic talks I elected to see were AngularJS (a JavaScript application framework used to build the new Umbraco 7 admin area), a geat package called uSync to help developers keep Umbraco databases synchronised and a thought provoking talk on how developers are using Agency Frameworks to streamline their processes.

The biggest topic of the day was the imminent release of Umbraco 7. The completely rewritten admin area gives a modern face-lift whilst retaining the simplicity and ease of use that has made Umbraco so popular. The admin area has more or less had the same user interface for over eight years so this is a big change and getting the balance right is vital. Using AngularJS gives us a welcome move away from the right-click based user experience and allows for the editor to work on all modern devices including touch screen.

Umbraco 7 is being released on 23 November. We have already been testing the pre-release version and we love it - we know you will too.