There are substantial developments with Umbraco this year. Here are a few key points to keep you up-to-date on the exciting things happening with the website Content Management System (CMS) that we use to create all our websites.

Umbraco 9

This month will see the launch of Umbraco 9 on 28th September. Over the last few months, we have been experimenting with the beta, alpha and release candidates, and we’re ready to run.

Umbraco 9 is a platform update. The editor experience is no different, but the way we build sites is very different and version 9 is an important step in Umbraco’s evolution. It has moved away from the .NET Framework and on to .NE T Core (or .NET 5), Microsoft’s cross platform framework which brings huge benefits to hosting, performance and development.

Umbraco 9 will not be a ‘Long Term Support’ (LTS) version (see below) and so with the identical editor feature set and the fact that Umbraco 8 is LTS, there are sounds reasons to stay on Version 8 for now. Having said that, we will be building new websites on Umbraco 9.

Long Term Support (LTS) and End of Life (EOL)

Umbraco has formalised its support phases and update cycles. This helps us with certainty and planning. Many a time have we updated a website only to find there is a new surprise update available just a couple of days later.

We now have minor releases every 6 weeks with patch releases for bug fixes in-between (on Tuesdays). They have also stated that they will release 2 major versions per year. This is a big commitment and adds a lots of support work – we’ll see how that pans out.

  • Quick note about version numbers….
    Take version 8.16.3 as an example.
    8 is the major version
    16 is the minor version
    3 is the patch version

The new defined support phases for major releases are as follows:

  1. Support – full updates
  2. Security only – fix security issues only

The important thing to note here is the Support phase. This will last 9 months from the first release – but is extended to 24 months for LTS major versions.

After the ‘Support’ phase has ended, it will move into the ‘Security only’ phase until its End of Life – at which time the CMS will continue to work, but its use will not be recommended.

Umbraco 8 is a LTS version. We know Umbraco 9 will not be, but Umbraco 10 will be LTS, so we would anticipate that some complex sites on version 8 will wait for version 10 before upgrading.

They key thing to take away from this is that Umbraco plan on increasing the pace of product development, in an open and predictable way – which is good for everyone.

New Majority Investor

Last month Umbraco announced a new majority stakeholder in Umbraco - Monterro, a Swedish Software Growth investor. Monterro has a wealth of experience in the CMS sector, having recently managed the successful growth of the enterprise CMS, Episerver (now Optimizely). They are committed to keeping Umbraco open source with community engagement as the foundation, whilst continuing to build on its commercial products, such as Umbraco Cloud and the partnership programs.

Having a strong commercial company behind Umbraco is a big advantage as we have seen over the last few years in high quality product developments and a wider reach. The future looks very exciting. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or you would like to discuss any aspect of your website.