Lets imagine your website is a car. We can call hosting fuel and the roads can be website browsers that enable your messages to travel from A to B.

Hosting = Fuel

If you are going to drive a lot you will need more fuel – and you need to make sure your tank will hold enough for every journey to avoid time consuming stops. The same goes for your website so you need to match your hosting service to what you need the site to do. The variables here are the types of back-office functions, the amount of editors and the traffic volume that your site needs to cater for.

Web browsers = Roads

Your car also needs roadworthy tyres to travel along the roads. A big challenge is that the roads (web browsers) update frequently. So if your tyres are not the right ones and in good condition, you may find that one day you can not drive on a certain road that you did previously. That means everyone who is using that road will not receive your messages. To keep your tyres in good condition you need to make sure your website is kept up-to-date with version patches and road-tested regularly.

The need for a regular MOT

To keep a car in good condition and to retain its value, you will most likely have an annual service along with your MOT. Obviously not a legal requirement for your website but why not invest a little time in making sure it is still fit for purpose so that there won't be any nasty surprises looming around the corner?

You may find that you need to change some settings, upgrade your tyres or even that you are simply buying too much fuel. The more high performance your car, the more you need to look after it.

This car/website analogy can also help you choose the right type of car in the first place. No point buying a Ferrari if you only want to pop to the shops once a week and a Micra will do the job nicely. But you MAY still want a Ferrari because you know all your friends will be at the shops when you get there and you need to look like you've made it. Or, you may in fact need a smart van that can take a heavy load because you have a lot of function such as e-commerce or secure logins.

Select the right vehicle for your needs

Wherever you need to go and how you'd like to get there, it is really important that you get the right vehicle for your needs. You also need to think about how to look after your website so that it stays as good and useful as the day you took it out of the showroom.

Happy Driving!