Tesco has over 300 items with a 'luxury' descriptor and democratising luxury may well be a good thing, enabling everyone to feel they can enjoy the finer things in life. But this means there is now a greater challenge for exceptional brands to communicate their positioning.

Gone are the days when you just needed a reasonable (B2B) website or a nice (consumer) carrier bag with branded tissue paper. Anyone can and is doing this now.

For premium consumer brands, the 8Ps have been a well regarded blueprint: Performance, Pedigree, Paucity, Persona, Public figures, Placement, Public relations, and Price. These eight elements are managed to ensure the brand stays ahead of the curve and retains the desired status.

I believe this blueprint is also useful for professional B2B companies who need to articulate the right story about the caliber of their business. Even though you are selling business to business, you are still dealing with individual people who need to know why you, and nothing else, will do.

Here are my top 5 tips for standing head and shoulders above the rest:

  1. Bricks and mortar is a strong indicator of 'the real thing'. This should be coming through clearly in your communication. Your stores, your head office, your address even (although not a postbox!) should be easy for all to see. This will enable the prospective client to imagine being in your space.
  2. Your clients. Even if they can't be mentioned by name, a clear description of the calibre of your clients is proof of your stature and capability.
  3. Your copy. Invest in good copywriting and you will reap the rewards by sounding original, intelligent and to the point.
  4. Invest in case studies, testimonials and tracking results. Nothing tells your story like a good success. If possible, create a platform where your clients can state the difference you make.
  5. Always remember that standing still is actually going backwards. Keep investing time and thought into your brand positioning and messages. Innovation is essential to staying ahead!