Alex Haddon | October 2017

10 Colour combinations to inspire your next branding project – whether you are re-branding or looking to extend your existing colour palette.

Colour is one of the most obvious elements in a brand as it is the first thing you notice in most cases. Choosing the right tones and combination will make your brand more unique and recognisable, making a real brand asset.

To help and inspire when choosing colours, here are 10 combinations with vague labels that should help you decide on a palette and making it part of your brand personality.

Chilled techy

Cool blues and greens against a mid grey

Modern corporate

Warm colours paired with mid blue and dark grey

Luxurious cool

Berries, gold and grey

Hot and spicy

Sunny and bright shades are tempered with a dark taupe

Energising support

Lively green and yellow rooted using mid grey and navy

Playful business

Sophisticated greyish browns with a sharp burst of orange

Cool professional

Completely cool palette with plenty of tonal differentiation

Funky classic

Dare to be different with dusky pink and cherry to liven up the classic blue and grey combination

Stylish authority

Black, greys and mid-blue – a tried and trusted combination

Relaxed funky

Rich grey with warm taupe and a purply blue all held together with black