Our top five luxury print finishes

Alex Haddon | 19 February 2018

In marketing, nothing denotes premium and luxury quite like a special piece of print finishing. Here is our current TOP FIVE to inspire your next print project.

Here we list our current top five – all from recent work. Get inspired and see if you can go that extra mile on the next print project. Be rewarded with added competitive advantage especially when you are building brand loyalty.

1. Embossing and no ink

Subtle and refined with the textured paper creating an added dimension. Very neutral and works perfectly in this scenario as clients' individual colour schemes or themes are easily incorporated.

Private dining menus for Fortnum & Mason

2. Triplex

This process glues together three pieces of paper to make one thick and luxurious first impression. Triplexing stationery is now surprisingly affordable thanks to companies like Moo.com

Business cards for Grace St. Paul's

3. White ink on semi-transparent

This subtle way of adding branding is a real treat for the customer. Very elegant and effortless – quite a simple process with a big effect and is especially tactile.

Wrapping paper for MacFarlane's

4. Spot UV on uncoated stock

This is a very confident statement and can be a real surprise as the light catches the varnish and creates a significant contrast from the uncoated stock. A good trick is to hit the paper twice with the varnish to ensure good coverage.

Stationery for Aguais And Associates

5. White ink on coloured card

We love this so much, we have used it on our own stationery and moving cards! The choice of paper is crucial and needs to be thick enough to deliver a top quality first impression.

Reverse of our last moving card