Design for print

Each and every piece of print needs to be expertly designed so that the key features of the brand is reflected in the finished piece. As opposed to digital channels, what you get with print is an opportunity to deliver a truly tactile experience – something that is far more difficult to ignore or forget. Our deep expertise in how print works, the papers and materials available and finishes means we can ensure you always make the right impression, regardless of budget.

Whether you want to engage in brand building with or without tactical initiatives, we ensure every piece delivers return on investment.

Print management

Understanding how the print industry operates and how it is evolving is a science and an art. Your print requirements can vary hugely so you need people who understand the pro's and cons of each printing process and the related cost implications. We guide you carefully through this so that together we make the right decisions for your business.


We are proud to be on the Recommended Agencies Register

IC Design translated our aspirations into a professional and interesting extension of our existing brand – first time!

A selection of projects:

Z-Risk Engine® Print

Orchid Furniture Print

Hill Hofstetter Print

Ozerlat Print

Microsoft Print

Argentous Yacht Print