At IC Design, we deliver transformational branding and design solutions that become influential tools to support your business success.

Based in Soho, London, we are an integrated creative agency with over 20 years’ experience working across branding, websites/apps and marketing collateral for both online and offline communication.

Our expertise rivals large agencies with the added benefit of a true personal touch as we become a trusted extension of your team.

Tailored services to fit your specific business needs:


Your brand is a core business asset that needs to engage and inspire to a broad audience. Harness a brand strategy that supports your business strategy and goals. Make sure your identity stands the test of time and delivers flexibility to work across all external and internal communication channels, symbolising why you, and nothing else, will do.

Websites / Apps

Your website is your global shopwindow and delivers your brand voice with consistency, panache and clarity. Our focus on UX is backed up with expert coding and robust hosting to ensure all your website touch-points deliver clear calls to action and an impressive online experience. Our apps will help you improve efficiency and personalise your content to increase engagement.

Marketing Collateral

Boost your sales and marketing with persuasive online and offline assets. Long-term brand building and tactical messages are beautifully designed for the appropriate medium to instil trust and confidence. Add value and communicate with clarity through reports and thought leadership collateral. Maximise your internal and employer brand messaging with high quality communication.

Kind words from a selection of clients

26 February 2020

Multilingual Websites in Umbraco 8

One of the headline-grabbing features of Umbraco 8 is Language Variants, a big step forward in the management of multilingual websites. In this article, we take you through the new functionality and its benefits.


Umbraco 8 Preview
20 February 2020

Rebranding – why, when, how?

Why is it important to rebrand, when should you do it and exactly how? Alex sheds some light on the strategies for rebranding and highlights common levels with examples from our portfolio.


Rebranding Preview
24 January 2020


Our favourite quotations on branding and how you can use them to inspire a better brand strategy for your business.


Brandspiration Preview